Selecting a Locksmith in Markham for Your Keyless Lock Needs

In order to ensure maximum security for your home, and safety for your family, a locksmiths number is one that you need programmed in your phone at all times. No one wakes up in the morning knowing that they are going to lose their keys that day. Locksmith in Markham will assist you in making duplicate keys, re-keying locks, installing keyless systems, repairing locks and opening house and car locks. The function of a residential locksmiths are discussed below to for you to identify what you need.

Keyless systems

A) Biometric keys

Locksmiths are capable of installing a biometric lock in your home or office. This type of a lock does not require you to have a key since you will only be using your fingerprints for access. Installation of biometric locks is, however, quite expensive as it is one of the recent security systems. This form of lock is more popular with high-end offices such as government offices or banks and other money related institutions.


B) Card Lock Systems

Locksmith in Markham also programs card lock systems. These are more popular as compared to biometrics. They are more common in homes, offices and ordinary buildings. The card is slid into a slot provided on the door which a person is trying to access. These cards are the best since they only allow access to authorized people. They are not in wide use for homes, but not to mean that they cannot be used.

C) Numeric Codes

With this format, you have to input the correct key code for the door to open. This form of the lock made by Locksmith in Markham eliminates the need for duplication of keys by all family members. You only need to remember the code. This kind of locks has a major advantage in that you can never lock yourself out or misplace your key.

Locksmith in Markham does all this and much more regarding enhancing your security. For more information find out here.