Tips on How to Avoid Markham Locksmith Fraud

As devastating as it might sound, locksmith conmen are increasing by the day. Locksmiths target auto and homeowners who are in desperate needs for help and need immediate assistance. Many are the times you can become a victim to fake locksmiths. However, there are ways in which you can stay away from these scammers and avoid Markham locksmith fraud.

1. Identification and licensing

When the locksmith arrives at your destination be it home or office, ensure that you ask for all the necessary documentation. Also, ensure you ask for a locksmith license where one is applicable.

2. Be careful where low prices are concerned

Always ensure you get a quotation via telephone or email before any locksmith comes to physically meet you. Watch out for a Markham locksmith who provides unbelievably low prices. These should be a red flag on the quality of service as well as the products being used.

3. Watch out for hidden charges

In the case of emergencies, ensure you ask your Markham Locksmith whether there will be any additional charges. For instance, a locksmith may only tell you about the labor and products charge. However, when they get to the destination, they will now start claiming for the transport fee to and from your place.

4. Dismiss anyone who comes with the drilling and replacement theory

If you get a locksmith who is talking about drilling your lock and replacing it with another one, say no and dismiss them immediately. Qualified and experienced locksmiths technicians can unlock any door. Anyone who is looking at drilling your door is probably looking for a way to swindle you more money.

Staying away from fraudulent Markham Locksmith saves you the trouble of paying more money and getting underrated services. It also saves you the hassle of starting a legal process to get back your money. Foe more information visit us.


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