Securing Your Windows with Professional Locksmith Markham


Most people ensure that their doors are secure but forget that another way buglers can enter into their property is through windows. It is given that most times, you will check your doors and ensure that they are locked before leaving your home. When you stop to think about it, you might not be able to count the number of times you have left your windows open. You probably did this to ensure your home remained aerated. Here are some tips from a professional locksmith Markham that will help you secure your home.

Securing Your Windows

Windows are very attractive entry points for buglers especially because they are located at the back of the property. This means that it might not be easy to notice when a bugler enters into your home. To ensure that your home is secure, always make sure your frames are solid and secure. If a frame can be lifted from the sill, your locks will be useless despite how good they are. A professional locksmith Markham can help you by fitting a special lock that allows windows to open thus letting air but remaining locked without allowing a person in.

Replacing Old Unsecured Frames

In order to ensure that your home is secure, your locks must be properly screwed to the frame. If they can be unscrewed from the outside, this will be an easy entry point for buglers. Older windows that open from the outward might have become weak or rotten. This means that a bugler can easily separate the lock from the frame and gain entry to your home. You might consider replacing the entire frame or adding a security screen to ensure that this entryway is blocked. You should also consider having a locksmith Markham fit alarms for your windows and not just your doors. Most buglers will not want any attention and will take off the moment a window alarm goes off.

Buglers will not want to have to struggle to make an entry into your home. They prefer to use easier approaches and the more you make it harder for them, they more likely that they will not make any attempts to gain entry. When your home is easily accessible, you set yourself up to get robbed. For more information visit here.


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